U-Risk® Advantages

U-Risk® Advantages
  • Real time access anywhere in the world
  • Password protected
  • Access history per user is maintained
  • Option to work online or offline
Ease of use
  • User-friendly with navigation buttons
  • Screen displays excellent for workshop environment
  • Information can be exported to excel / word / ODF
Support Centre
  • Office hours and After hours
  • Technical support by IT
  • Specialised support by ERM and Audit specialists
  • User training
  • ERM Application Techniques Training
Generating results
  • Immediate Graphic views of results
  • Immediate generation of reports (customised per client)
Reduce Administration
  • Automatically prevents duplication of information
  • Significantly reduces admin time of manually compiling reports
  • Enables Strategic, Operational, Process, Project and People risk workshops
  • Reduces administration time of collating and analysing results of surveys (eg Climate surveys, customer surveys, compliance surveys, etc)
  • All information readily available at a click of a button
  • Simplifies data management
  • Reduces element of error (eg incorrect calculations in excel spreadsheets)
  • Immediate collation of information for ease of distribution
Information management
  • Structured approach in capturing data
  • User-friendly screen displays resulting in ease of viewing
  • Customised parameters for value-add reporting
  • Drop-down boxes of standard information reduces data capture time
  • Immediate generation of graphic results for distribution
  • Enables group / individual workshops
  • Ability to assess risks on actual losses
  • Generation of reports at a click of a button
  • Immediate and real-time analysis of information
  • Ability to export information to word / excel / ODF to persons who do not have access to U-Risk