U-Risk® Training

The statement: "A system is only as good as its user" drives the success of any software. For this reason, as part of maintenance and support, ongoing specific training is offered. This 2-day user training extends beyond the conventional “how to” process. The training includes application techniques, specifically customised according to an organisation's risk module and includes the following:

  • Basic understanding of enterprise risk management principles and concepts and how it is applied in the organisation
  • Conducting and interpreting ERM maturity review survey and Human Behavioural risk surveys
  • ERM workshop facilitation skills
  • Conducting risk assessments of strategic, operational, process, project and people risks
  • Distinguishing between risk, root cause and consequence
  • Risk analysis and risk prioritisation
  • Loss management
  • Control evaluation
  • Classification of controls
  • Risk registers
  • Performing compliance evaluations
  • Monitoring solutions of audit findings to reduce the likelihood of a qualified audit opinion
  • Communication of information and monitoring, evaluation and reporting

U-Risk® Support

U-Risk® will serve as a 2nd line of support with the Super User and IT Unit serving as 1st line of support. This will ensure that all queries are properly channeled and timeously tracked. The diagram below provides an indication of the support process